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Welcome to Annual Colombo Air Symposium 2017..

Colombo Air Symposium 2017 will provide a venue for Senior Military Leadership and other experts to discuss and examine in depth the present and emerging threats in the region, and employment of Air Power in addressing such threats. The Colombo Air Symposium is to bring together the knowledge of professionals and experts in various fields in one forum, in order to be better equipped to face present and future challenges related to application of air power

Registration to the "Colombo Air Symposium 2017" is now open for national and international Military Leaders, professionals in the field of Defence and Security and Members of Think Tanks.


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29th & 30th November, 2017

Terms and Conditions

 Conference  Calender
2nd September 2017

Submission of Research Papers (Local participants)

September 2017

Submission of Research Papers (Foreign participants)

September 2017

Workshop for Presenters/ research authors (Local participants)

1st Week of October 2017

1st and 2nd rehearsals with presentations (Local participants)

Contact Us      
  • Group Captain Deshapriya

    Contact Mobile Phone: +94 77 2229261 (0300 Z / 0830 Local - 1600Z/ 2130 Local )

    Email: sdgmsilva@yahoo.com

  • Squadron Leader Asitha Manage

    Contact Mobile Phone:+ 94 714 284332 ( 0300 Z / 0830 Local-1600Z/ 2130 Local)

    Email: asithamanage@yahoo.com & asithamanage@gmail.com

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