Flight Safety workshop for Non Commissioned Officers

The first Flight Safety workshop for the Non Commissioned Officers for the year 2017 was successfully completed on 1st April 2017 at NCO Management School, SLAF Academy China bay.

The flight safety workshop was organized by Command Flight Safety Inspectorate of the SLAF in order to inculcate safety awareness among the tradesmen involve with Air Operations of the SLAF. In view of enhancing the knowledge, tradesmen from EOD, Air Defence, Electrician and Construction Equipment Technician trades were inducted for the program from this year onwards.

Qualified SLAF Officers shared a wealth of knowledge with the participants during the workshop which included Safety Program Management by Sqn Ldr SVS Jayawardene, Aircraft Accident Investigation by Sqn Ldr DGNB Senavirathne, ATC by Sqn Ldr DLJRK Dodamgoda, ‘BASH’ by Sqn Ldr MBGT Dias, Fire by Sqn Ldr UHAH De Silva, Material Factor and Human Factor by Sqn Ldr GDP Premadasa, Aviation Physiology by Sqn Ldr RS Jayathilake and Aviation Psychology by Fg Off PAL Rajapakse.

A total of 51 NCOs’ followed the course for a duration of six days, the first out of two workshops planned for NCOs.

The Opening Address was conducted by Acting Command Flight Safety Officer   Gp Capt SSB Marambe. On the final day Acting Command Flight Safety Officer awarded certificates for the course participants and concluded the program with the closing address.



Air Commodore HSS Thuyacontha

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