'Guwan Siththara' Trincomalee District Art Selections

SLAF “Guwan Siththara” Trincomalee District Art Selections were held at Sri Lanka Air force Academy China Bay on 28 February 2018

Acting Commandant Group Captain SDGM Silva, Mr. KRUM Karunathilaka the Assistant Director Ecstatic, Provincial Department Education – Eastern Provincial, Mr. Ranicon A Liyanage the Assistant Director Ecstatic, Zonal Education Office – Kanthale participated for the selections as the panel of judges.

Following portrait were selected to represent Trincomalee District

Category I (Grade 01 – 05)       
A.L Vimansha Thaksarani from T/T/Girls’ High School

Category II (Grade 06 – 09)       
A.L Samadi Thaksarani from T/T/Girls’ High School

Category III (Grade 10 – 13)       
L. Saud from T/Kinniya Central College


Air Commodore RAUP Rajapaksa

RSP and two Bars, USP, MSc (MOA) USA, MSc (Def Stu) in Mgt, BSc (Def Stu), MIM (SL), rcds, psc