Monday - 23 April, 2018

Air Power Module of Course No. 53 JC&SC

The Air Power module was successfully completed with the exercise “Neighbourland” on 14 Mar 17. Lectures and syndicate discussions were conducted on Air power and formal appreciation writing prior to the exercise from 04 March 17.

During the exercise Student Officers in 04 Sub Syndicates got the opportunity to write appreciations on a conflict between two countries on a fictitious setting.  The Student officers were also given the chance to discuss and defend their Air Plans in a common forum with the participation of all 04 Sub Syndicates members on the last day of the exercise.  The following day Student Officers completed the individual Operations Orders taking into consideration of the appreciation outline plans of their respective sub syndicates.

The overall aim was achieved as the Student Officers effectively planned and briefed the appreciations and air operation plans with the guidance and supervision of Directing Staff.