Tuesday - 17 September, 2019

Evaluation Criteria

Testing of a Training Module

Students will be evaluated through continuous participatory exercises, assignments, group exercises, Directing Staff Assessments and written examinations depending on the course module. At the commencement of each course module, the method of overall testing of such module will be announced by conducting Directing Staff. A module may contain multiple testing methods which finally scaled according to the number of marks allocated to the module depending on its importance. 

Grading System

Marks obtained in respect of a module will be graded according to the following grading system. A grade point value as indicated below is assigned to each grade.


Range    of Marks


Grade    Point Value

90 -100

  A +


80 - 89



75 - 79

 A -


70 - 74

  B +


65 - 69



60 - 64

 B -


55 - 59

  C +


50 - 54



40 - 49

  C -


30 - 39



Less than 30



Repeating a Test/Assignment/Examination
A student can repeat two subjects either C - or D, upon obtaining the permission with formal request forwarding to the Director Training.

The re-examination process will be taken place only at the examinations conducted at the forthcoming batches.The grade obtainable in such re examination must be confined only to grade C and the student must have completed the all repeat examinations within a period of one year from the completion of his JC&SC course.

Students are not permitted to re- submit/ repeat the research project.

Grade Point Average (GPA) is the credit-weighted arithmetic mean of the Grade Point Values, which is determined by dividing the total credit-weighted Grade Point Value by the total number of credits. GPA shall be computed to the first decimal place. Grades of all modules are to be taken into account in calculating the final GPA.

Example: A student who has completed one module with two credits, three modules each of three credits and two modules each of 1 credit with grades A, C, B, D, E and A+ respectively would have the GPA of 2.3 as calculated below.

(2x4.0)+(3x2.0)+(3x3.0)+(3x1.0)+(1x0.0)+(1x4.5)    =    30.5    = 2.346
            2+3+3+3+1+1            13

            Grade Point Average    =    2.3

Evaluation of the Research Project.  

The research project will be evaluated through an 8000 - 8500 word dissertation, a presentation and a viva. The percentages given to each of these components will be announced to the students at the commencement of the project. The supervisory Directing Staff appointed by the Directorate of Training in consultation with the KDU will guide the student on his/her research project through a series of interviews and review discussions. The final evaluation will be done by a board nominated by the Kothalawala Defence University.