Monday - 27 September, 2021

Sri Lanka Air Force Accounting and Logistic Management


To provide an understanding of the basic functions, concepts, rules and regulations of the SLAF accounting and logistic system. This is a mandatory requirement as a middle level Staff Officer to manage the limited resources effectively and efficiently.

Intended Learning Outcomes: Learners should be able to:
  1. Identify the accounting and logistic procedures in SLAF.
  2. Apply the concepts in different types of contexts within the SLAF.
Module Content:

SLAF Non Public Account, SLAF Logistics

Teaching /Learning Methods:

Lectures, interactive syndicate room discussions, case discussions.

Assessment Strategy:

End of the module examination, assignments and exercises.

References/Reading Materials:

  1. Training Notes, Air Publications 3223, Air Force Order- Audit and Administration of Non Public Funds