Annual Road Race - 2017

Published on: 10:57am on Saturday 20th May 2017
Annual Road Race - 2017
SLAF Combat Training School Diyathalawa and SLAF Station Colombo emerged Men's & Women's Champions  in the Annual Road race-2017, which was organized by the Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Council this morning (20 May 2017).

Over 300 participants inclusive of Officers, Airmen and Women from various age groups representing the Air Force Academy and all Bases/Stations took part at this event that concluded at the Rifle Green Grounds, Sri Lanka Air Force Station Colombo.

Commander of the Air Force Air Marshal Kapila Jayampathy officiated as the chief guest while Chief of Staff of the SLAF Air Vice Marshal Sumangala Dias, the Board of Management of the Air Force, Officers, other ranks were also present at the occasion.

The results of the individual event held are as follows.

Overall Champions - Men's - Sri Lanka Air Force CTS Diyathalawa
Overall Champions - Women's - Sri Lanka Air Force Stn Colombo
Overall Men's Road Race Winner - 46864 AC Wijesinghe EGGC (SLAF CTS Dla)
Overall Women's Road Winner - AW/3032 Lac Ekanayake BGDK (SLAF CTS Eka)

Men’s Events

Under 25 (7km)
1st  Place  - Lac Wijesinghe - SLAF CTS Dla
2nd Place - Lac Asela- SLAF Academy Cby
3rd place  - Lac Jayasekara -SLAF Stn Amp

Under 25-30 (7km )
1st  Place  - Cpl Ranasinghe - SLAF Stn Mow
2nd Place -  Lac Dissanayake - SLAF Stn BIA
3rd place  -  Lac Perera - SLAF Stn Mow

Under 30-35 (7km )
1st  Place  - Cpl Abeyrathna- SLAF CTS Dla
2nd Place - Cpl Soyza- SLAF Stn Cbo
3rd place  - Cpl Kasthuriarachchi- SLAF Base Vna

Under 35 - 40 (2km)
1st  Place  - Sgt Wijesinghe -SLAF CTS Dla
2nd Place - Cpl Wickramarachchi - SLAF Stn Cbo
3rd place  - Cpl Thilakasiri- SLAF Stn Vanni

Under 40-50 (2km )
1st  Place - WO Wasantha - SLAf Stn Cbo
2nd Place - Sgt Wijayantha - SLAF Stn Cbo
3rd place - F/Sgt Ranasinghe - SLAF Stn Cbo

Under 45-50 (2km)
1st  Place  - Sgt Thalakumbura - SLAF CTS Dla
2nd Place - Sgt Wickramarathna- SLAF Academy Cby
3rd place  - Sgt Luxman - SLAF Base Vna

Women's Events

Under 25 (2km)
1st  Place - Lac Lakmini - SLAF TTS Eka
2nd Place - AC Nisansala Kumari - SLAF CTS Dla
3rd place - AC Randeniya- SLAF CTS Dla

Under 25-30 (2km )
1st  Place - Lac Ekanayake - SLAF TTS Eka
2nd Place - Lac Rupasena - SLAF Stn Cbo
3rd place - Lac Roshini - SLAF Stn Cbo

Under 30-35 (2km )
1st  Place - Cpl Perera - SLAF Base Ahp
2nd Place - Lac Perera - SLAF Base Rma
3rd place - Sgt Herath - SLAF Stn Cbo

Under 35-40 (2km )
1st  Place - Sqn Ldr GKBP Wijewardena - SLAF Stn Cbo
2nd Place - Sqn Ldr KI De Silva - SLAF Stn Cbo

Over 40 (2km)
1st  Place - Wg Cdr NH Warapitiya - SLAF Stn Cbo

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