Welcome to Sri Lanka Air Force 66th Anniversary



I wish to congratulate the Sri Lanka Air Force on the occasion of its 66th anniversary celebrations. The Sri Lanka Air Force is the foremost technical force in the country. It has achived distinctiveness in safe guarding the integrity of our motherland while assisting the people in time of natural catastrophes. Today Sri Lanka has embarked on a rapid development process while enjoying the peace and stability after three decades of civil war. The contribution of Sri Lanka Air Force towards national development is much needed and is appreciated in today's context.

During the war against terrorism, the unparalleled commitment and professional competence of the Sri Lanka Air Force contributed immensely to the victory over the LTTE. I believe with its modernized inventory, the Air Force will enhance its capabilities to work jointly with it's sister services, in responding to the national challengers. The work undertaken by the Air Force to achieve its mission and vision will benefit the country in many ways. The resources that this workforce has at its disposal, by way of aircrafts, technology and information systems will no doubt enhance its contribution towards nation building.

During this occasion, I respectfully convey my highest respect to those heroic members of the Sri Lanka Air Force and their families who made the supreme sacrifice and those disabled in safeguarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

Finally, I take this opportunity to wish the Sri Lanka Air Force all the success in discharging its duties and responsibilities to the country in high note of success.