Tender area is divided into three sections, Local Tenders, Foreign Tenders and Public Tenders. The Commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force will receive sealed Quotations/Tenders for the supply of following items to the Sri Lanka Air Force.

Public Tenders

  • Purchase of Wardrobe steel for Airmen- (AHQ/17/PUB/BRK/1001) Download
  • Overhaul Repair of the vehicles Engines on annual Contract Basis - (AHQ/17/PUB/MT/1001) Download
  • Engine Re-work Repair of vehicles Engines on annual Contract Basis- (AHQ/17/PUB/MT/1002) - Download
  • Purchase of Automatic Gantry Vehicle Washing Plants to the SLAF -(AHQ/17/PUB/M&E/1001) - Download
  • Purchase of Jogging Shoes (Running Shoes) Leading Aircraftmen and Aircraftmen for the SLAF-(AHQ/16/PUB/CLO/1014) - Download
  • Purchase of Shoes Black Rubber for the SLAF - Year 2017 - (AHQ/16/PUB/CLO/1016) Download Addendum Download
  • Purchase of Traditional Non Traditional Dance Costumes For Sri Lanka Air Force Dance Troupe - (AHQ/16/PUB/CLO/1017) Download
  • Purchase of Working Dress Shirting Material Of The Sri Lanka Air Force Year 2017- (AHQ/16/PUB/CLO/1015) - Download

If any Supplier/Principal who is in the respective category has not received the tender document, please contact the following officers to obtain the same.

Chief Procurement Officer 0094 11 2325468
Procurement Officer Foreign 1 0094 11 2471590
Procurement Officer Local 011 2321199
Procurement Officer Tender 011 2441553
Officer In Charge Quotation Cell  011 2328850

Email -

Registered suppliers of the above categories may submit the bids:

  • By hand to SLAF Colombo (Drop the sealed bid to the Tender Box kept at the Main Guard Room).
  • By Fax to +94 11 2342572 or +94 11 2328850.
  • By E-mail to

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Procurement Guideline Reference: Format for Advance Payment Guarantee

Procurement Guideline Reference: Format for Performance Guarantee

Procurement Guideline Reference: Format for Bid Security Guarantee

For Tender conditions, please refer the respective RFQs.

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