Sri Lanka Air Force Base Katunayake

The Sri Lanka Air Force Base Katunayake, the largest Air Force Base in Sri Lanka , is situated in close proximity to the Bandaranayake International Airport. The Base provides administrative, logistical, general and civil engineering services to all lodger formations located within the Base.

The following flying Squadrons are based at Sri Lanka Air Force  Base Katunayake.

  • No. 02 Squadron 
  • No. 05 Jet Squadron
  • No. 10 Fighter Ground Attack Squadron

In addition to the above flying formations the following formations are also located within the Base.
  •  Supply & Maintenance Depot
  • Electronic & Communication
  • Command Argo Unit
  • Aeronautical Engineering Wing 
  • General Engineering Wing
  • Aircraft Spares Depot
  • Hospital
  • Radar Maintenance Wing
  • Motor Transport Repair Operating Wing
  • No 26 Regiment Wing
  • No 43 Colour Wing
  • No 62 Intelligence Wing
  • Mechanical & Electrical Wing
  • Dental Unit
  • Directorate of Performing Arts
  • Construction Machinery Wing
  • No 01 Air Defence Radar Squadron
  • Equipment Provisioning and Accounting Unit


A fully equipped gymnasium, a swimming pool, a cinema, a paddle boat service and newly constructed huts for arrange functions of SLAF personnel in this Base are among the many recreational and sports facilities offered by the Base for its personnel. The housing complex located within the Base provides accommodation to several hundred families of the Air Force personnel serving at the SLAF Base Katunayake.

 Air Vice Marshal R A U P Rajapaksa functions as the Base Commander of this Base.

Air Vice Marshal R A U P Rajapaksa RSP and two Bars, USP, MSc (MOA) USA, MSc (Def Stu) in Mgt, MA in IS&S (UK), BSc (Def Stu), MIM (SL), rcds, psc.
Base Commander,
Sri Lanka Air Force,
Katunayake, Sri Lanka.

+94 11 2441044, 2495495

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