Exercise 'Pacific Angel' 18-4 at Anuradhapura,Vavuniya,Hingurakgoda and Sigiriya

Published on: 10:01am on Wednesday 8th August 2018
Exercise 'Pacific Angel' 18-4 at Anuradhapura,Vavuniya,Hingurakgoda and Sigiriya
A Health Service Outreach (HSO), Engineering Civic Action Programme (ENCAP) projects and Subject Matter Expert Exchanges (SMEEs) have been arranged in Vavuniya, Anuradhapura, Hingurakgoda, Rathmalana and Sigiriya in a joint exercise code named as ''Pacific Angel'' between the US Pacific Air Force from 06 to 20 August 2018 and the Sri Lanka Air Force.   The SLAF will mainly provide available infrastructure facilities and assistance for the successful conduct of the exercise.

''Pacific Angel'' is conducted annually by the United States Pacific Air Forces in a selected country in the Pacific reign in collaboration with the Armed Forces and civil organizations of the respective country.  The Aim of the exercise is to enhance disaster response and allow US assistance in a disaster to be more effective.
The Health Services Outreach (HSO) , Engineering Civil Programme (ENCAP )and Subject Matter Expert Exchanges (SMEEs) are conducted at selected sites and will provide benefits to the local population, while allowing both multinational responders and Sri Lankans to practice providing emergency medical assistance and engaging in reconstruction, following a disaster situation.

The first stage of the medical program was conducted at SLAF Base Anuradhapura in the form of two SMEEs on vector borne disease surveillance and water surveillance concurrently on 07th August 2018 from 0900 AM to 0500 PM with the participation of experts on both the fields from US Air Force, SLAF and health ministry of Sri Lanka.

The SMEE on vector borne diseases continues as a 4-day event with utilization of Powerpoint presentations, scenario -based progressive tabletop exercises dealing with exchange of current clinical and public health concepts for the prevention and control of mosquito borne infectious disease. The participants comprised of SLAF personnel, professionals from public health sector, epidemiologists, public health inspectors, and medical staff from the government health institutions.

The SMEE on water surveillance is a two-day programme from 7th to 8th August 2018 at SLAF Base Anuradhapura and from 9th to 10th August 2018 at SLAF Base Hingurakgoda. The SMEE will engage medical and health professionals in the exchange of current theories, techniques and practices for the effective control and management of potable water sources. This engagement contributes to resilience and mitigates the impacts of future natural disasters, humanitarian crises and potential kidney diseases. The target audience is from the SLAF, physicians, medical technicians, engineers from the water board, Sarwodaya district coordinators and public health inspectors.

A HSO will be held at Alagalla School in Vavuniya from 13 to 18 August 2018 from 8 AM to -5 PM with activities including general medicine, paediatrics, physical therapy, dental, optometry and pharmacy services. There will also be various patient education programmes facilitated by public health and dental education. The HSO will be conducted by the medical staff of the US Air Force, SLAF and multi-national forces from Nepal, Maldives and Bangladesh with the assistance of the doctors and nurses from the ministry of health, nursing school students and Red Cross society.

HA/DR Airfield Reception at SLAF Station Sigiriya

SLAF & USAF Vector Borne Disease Survelillance/ Water Surveillance Subject Matter Expert Exchange (SMEE) programme at SLAF Base Anuradhapura
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