Thursday - 21 June, 2018

Formation Day of Junior Command and Staff College

The Junior Command and Staff College at SLAF Academy China Bay celebrated its 17th anniversary on 01 March 2016. The college organized several functions to mark this occasion. The Formation Day celebrations began with a formal parade commenced at 0700 hours on 01 March 2016 with the participation of the Commanding Officer Group Captain Janaka Amerasinghe with all officers, other ranks and the civilian staff of the college. Subsequently, an alms giving was organized for the Revatha Child Orphanage at Trincomalee.  

Simultaneous with the formation day celebrations, the movie ‘Samanala Sandwaniya’ (The Butterfly Symphony) directed by films director    Mr Jayantha Chandrasiri was screened at the Astra Cinema hall. This became the first time that a film has been screened at this Cinema, after its renovation and marked as the first film to be screened in the Astra Cinema theatre after several decades. The film Director and the key actors of the film were present at this inaugural occasion with the audience. The event was successfully completed with a short musical session by the key Actor Mr Sooryaloka Dayaruwan.