Thursday - 21 October, 2021

Sri Lanka Air Force Management Systems


To provide an understanding of the basic functions, concepts, rules and regulations of the SLAF management system. This is a mandatory requirement as a middle level staff Officer to manage the limited resources effectively and efficiently.

Intended Learning Outcomes: Learners should be able to:
  1. Identify the Administration and Organization procedures of SLAF
  2. Describe roles and functions of different directorates in SLAF
  3. Utilize above knowledge in routine work
Module Content:

Admin and Organization, Personnel Officers (P2), Personnel Airmen (P3), Function and Role of Directorate of General Engineering, Function and Role of Directorate of Civil Engineering, Function and Role of Directorate of Health Services, Sri Lanka Air Force Information Management System, Provost

Teaching /Learning Methods:

Lectures, interactive syndicate room discussions, case discussions.

Assessment Strategy:

End of the module examination, assignments and exercises.

References/Reading Materials:

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