Monday - 27 May, 2019

Customs and Traditions of Service (CT)

  • Is to provide a comprehensive knowledge on Customs, Etiquettes and Social Responsibilities of Officers in order to understand the values and how important it is to the service life.
  • Customs and Traditions of the Service, Introductions, Invitations, Table Manners, Colours and Badges, Functions of the Officers’ Mess, Formal Dining – in – out Parades, Dinner Nights, Social Dancing, Organizing Social functions      
  • Lectures, and Practical
Scheme of Evaluation
  • End of the module practical examination and assignments.
Recommended Readings:
  • Training notes on Customs of the Service, Air Force Order, Dining – in –out Parade, Retd. Sqn Ldr Brian Symons (RAF), “CESR” .