No 1 Flying Training Wing Celebrates Its 59th Anniversary (1951-2010)
4:23pm on Friday 3rd September 2010
The No 1 Flying Training Wing celebrated its 59th Anniversary of service to the nation on the 1st of September 2010.

This Wing was born at Royal Ceylon Air Force Katunayake on the 1st of September 1951 with “Chipmunk” aircraft as the trainer aircraft. Today it has grown to be the largest flying formation in the Sri Lanka Air Force. The Wing operates a total of 21 aircraft. This fleet is made up of K-8 Basic Jet Trainer aircraft, PT-6 Basic Trainer aircraft and Cessna 150 aircraft.

To mark the 59th anniversary of the No 1 Flying Training Wing a meal was offered to the children of “Rewatha” Orphanage, China Bay. This was carried out on the 30th of August 2010. Under the supervision of the Commanding Officer Wing Commander Sarika Aranayaka, all available members of the Wing assembled at the Orphanage. A well prepared lunch was offered to the children. It was evident from their little faces that they enjoyed the lunch offered to them. There were 29 children residing in the Orphanage. After enjoying the lunch a small gathering was held at the Orphanage. The children were introduced to the staff of the Flying Training Wing and gifts were distributed by all members of the Wing to all the children. A water dispenser equipped with hot and cold water facility was donated by Officers of the Wing to the Orphanage. The children were grateful and welcomed visits from the
SLAF at anytime.

On the 1st of September 2010 the anniversary celebrations commenced with a parade. The parade was reviewed by the Commanding officer of the Wing, Wing Commander Sarika Aranayake. The Commanding Officer thanked all Flying Instructors headed by Squadron Leaders SS Gamage and MN De Alwis for the outstanding work carried out in training pilots of the Sri Lanka Air Force to very high standards. He also thanked the Maintenance staff headed by Squadron Leader CJ Hettiarachci who is the Officer Commanding Maintenance for excellent work carried out in maintaining the largest fleet of aircraft in the Air Force. He stated that the hard work and dedication of the technical staff has enabled the wing to perform its role effectively and efficiently.

On completion of the parade all members of the Flying Training Wing Assembled at the Academy Sports Ground to have a day of cricket and enjoyment. The Commandant of the Sri Lanka Air Force Academy Air Vice Marshal KVB Jayampathy graced the occasion for a short period. Six teams which participated in the cricket tournament and Officers won the tournament after beating  the SNCO’s team.



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