Air Force Emblem / Ensign / Roundel

Flight Engineer Badge

Air Force Emblem

       The Sri Lanka Air Force emblem, a symbol of pride and accomplishment for every member of the Air Force, is based on the Royal Air Force emblem hinting at our RAF roots. The emblem consists of a blue circle bearing the words ‘ ශ්‍රී ලංකා ගුවන් හමුදාව’ surrounded by sheaves of paddy on which is a superimposed eagle, wings  outspread, head turned to the ‘Sinister’ (left) according to ancient heraldic custom. The blue hand is crowned by the republic emblem and rests upon a blue banner bearing the Air Force motto ‘සුරකිමු ළකඹර’  - Download High Resolution Image


Air Force Ensign

        When the Royal Ceylon Air Force was established on 2nd March 1951 with Gp Capt. G.C Bladon as the Commander, a proper ensign had not been designed for the Royal Ceylon Air Force. On 23rd February 1951 a commission was appointed to decide on the National Arms and Badges of Ceylon, ceremonial and other uniforms. On 27th November 1951 the commission recommended the use of the Air Force ensign. The Air Force subsequently replaced the union jack flag of the RAF ensign with the lion flag of the country. The ensign is in sky blue colour with lion flag in the top left hand corner whilst the modified roundel of the RAF in the right hand corner.

Flight Engineer Badge

Air Force Roundel

        A roundel remains a symbol of extreme pride for any Air Force in the world. It is the primary symbol of identity of the Air Force and carries a powerful projection of  belongingness. From the wing of an aircraft to the bottom right corner of the Air Force ensign the iconic representation of the roundel will remain a primary source of identity, intimate pride and inspiration to those under it and as tribute to all those who sacrificed their lives in maintaining its prestige. Keeping in line with national identity four concentric circles of yellow, maroon, green and  saffron in proportion with the colour representation in the national flag are used in the SLAF roundel.




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