Air Scouting in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka Air Force Air Scouts Group, which is popularly known as SLAF Air Scouts commenced its activities in 1972 at SLAF premises Guwanpura, Borella with the guidance of Wg Cdr PTD De Silva who was the first Group Scout Leader of Air Scouts.  Later its activities were extended to SLAF Base Katunayake in 1978 and SLAF Ekala in 2010. The SLAF Air Scouts Group is registered as the 57th Colombo, Air Scouts Group at Sri Lanka Scouts Association and functions as an Open Scouts Group.

During the vibrant history of over 40 years, it has produced 25 President Scouts (Senior Scouts) and 56 Green Cord Winners (Junior Scouts) up to now showing its success and selected as the Best Open Scout Troop by the Sri Lanka Scouts Association in 1997 in the all Island category apart from many awards won during the period at District level.
At present, the Air Scout Group is having a strength of more than 90 Junior and Senior Scouts and having a training staff comprising of three qualified wood badge holders from the Sri Lanka Scouts Association. Classes are conducted on Saturdays at SLAF Guwanpura, Katunayake and Ekala.

The Present office bearers are as Follows

Group Scout Master                              - Wg Cdr ES Ponnamperuma 
Senior Scout Master (Overall)                 - Ex WO HLMP Namunukula
Senior Scout Master (Training)               -  Mr.  P Rohitha Steinwall

Air Scout group has following Air Scout Masters

Sri Lanka Air Force Air Scout Group Colombo

1.        02297    Wg Cdr    LSR Pagoda
2.        29306    Cpl           BPNS Dissanayaka
3.        36545    Cpl           KGA Dissanayaka
4.        43956    Lac           KGMST Karunarathilaka
5.                        Mr             PR Stainwall

Sri Lanka Air Force Air Scout Group Katunayaka

1.        02048            Sqn ldr    HMRK Perera
2.        02911            Flt Lt         LKMKB Alawala
3.        OW/01127    Fg Off       HS Liyanage
4.        22070           WO            SCM Chandrasekara
5.        26850           Sgt            Karunarathna WMVP
6.        32620           Cpl            MMS Madushan

Sri Lanka Air Force Air Scout Group Ekala

1.        02441      Sqn Ldr    JPA Kumara
2.        29008      Cpl            PGYK Jayarathna
3.        37144      Lac            Chathuranga RAT
4.        37990      Cpl            WMKT Bandara
5.        43572      Lac            Lakmal KPT
6.        018363    Lac            Panawala PASM

Sri Lanka Air Force Air Scout Group Rathmalana

1.        02138         Wg Cdr    DPW Wimalawardana
2.        03040         Flt lt          MAHS Parsad
3.        03075         Flt Lt         PBP Withanage
4.        28115         Sgt            Priyashantha
5.        28886         Sgt           Jayalath JMND
6.        40814         Lac          Jayalath BDUM
7.        AW/3236    Lac          MMB Sadamali
8.        AW/3681    Lac          Iresha PB

Sri Lanka Air Force Air Scout Group Koggala

1.        03427    Flt Lt        DHS Wijesingha
2.        13259    EX WO    AJC Jayalath
3.        30107    Sgt           WD Kumara
4.        35592    Cpl          NDP Prasanga
5.        38505    Cpl          Mahesh KKS
6.        018103  Lac          Madhushanka

Sri Lanka Air Force Air Scout Group Mirigama

1.        02063        Wg Cdr    DNS Halahakoon
2.        31170         Sgt           WRS Weragoda
3.        28024        Cpl           Rohitha DMRD
4.        30540        Cpl           KI Kumarasingha
5.        39842        Lac           S Sanjeewa
6.        34596        Lac           Prithikumara KGD
7.        AW/3117    Lac          NAMC Nishshanka

Sri Lanka Air Force Air Scout Group Anuradhapura

1.        02009            Wg Cdr    WWNYP Frenando
2.        OW/01097    Flt Lt         AML Arawwawala
3.        28631            Sgt           Weerathunga
4.        28005            Cpl           MAAI Perera
5.        43163            Lac           DMDK Dissanayaka
6.        43508            Lac          Asela BDY
7.        VAW/01808   Lac          Somarathna PPDL

Sri Lanka Air Force Air Scout Group Katukurunda

1.        03145    Flt Lt    KC Weerasekara
2.        27718    Cpl      De Silva TCS
3.        35437    Cpl      Duminda HW
4.        33974    Lac      De Silva LNPK
5.        011991  Cpl      Thushara AKP
6.        45714    Lac     Jayasundara




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