2:42pm on Friday 23rd December 2022
"Eagles' Mega Draw" is a novel concept introduced to the Air Force as a perception of the Commander of the Air Force, Air Marshal Sudarshana Pathirana to provide financial relief to the Air Force service personnel and the inaugural draw was held soon after the Air Force Christmas Carol at the Eagles’ Lakeside and Convention Hall, Attidiya on 21 December 2022 under the auspicious of Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, General Kamal Guneratne (Retd).
Attractive cash awards running into millions of rupees waited for the lucky winners at the "Eagles' Mega Draw". The cash rewards are segmented as a Grand Prize of Rs.2.5Mn, Rs.1Mn for the Second Prize, Rs. 500 thousand for the Third Prize, and Consolation Prizes of Rs.100 thousand per person for 25 servicemen. Furthermore, Grand Prize Winner is given preference either to receive the magnificent cash reward or Rs.2Mn worth of building materials for the construction of a new house and labour contribution for the construction of the house.

Super Prizes Category Winners

1st Prize    Rs. 2,500,000.00       021073    Leading Aircraftman         Sepala MYSK            
2nd Prize   Rs. 1,000,000.00     31478    Sergeant                                 Kumara DAW    
3rd Prize    Rs. 500,000.00          30176    Flight Sergeant                    Pushpakumara HMN        

Consolation Prizes Category Winners (Rs.100 thousand per person for 25 servicemen)

1st Prize        OC/12465    Flying Officer                         Madumalka MAN        
2nd Prize       01916          Group Captain                      ADM Koralage        
3rd Prize        AW/01894   Corporal                                 Madukumari NS        
4th Prize        AW/4034      Leading Aircraftwoman      Alwis PKDKPS        
5th Prize        29162          Sergeant                                De Silva HLAK        
6th Prize        030751        Leading Aircraftman            Shrimal KPS            
7th Prize        AW/3510     Corporal                                 Shanthi AGAM        
8th Prize        42246          Leading Aircraftman             Jayakumara ADG        
9th Prize        50335          Aircraftman                             Adikari ADADD        
10th Prize      51698          Aircraftman2UT                     Perera AWD            
11th Prize      35678          Corporal                                 Priyantha AG            
12th Prize      50834         Aircraftman2UT                     Bodaragama MS        
13th Prize      03707         Flight Lieutenant                   NGDH Yasawardane        
14th Prize      AW/01910  Leading Aircraftwoman       Damayanthi RDS    
15th Prize        021591     Corporal                                Premachandana LHS        
16th Prize        27617        Warrant Officer                    WMS Rohana            
17th Prize        024011      Leading Aircraftman          Wimaladasa UWAM        
18th Prize        34605        Leading Aircraftman          Rathnayake WRMDV        
19th Prize        018987      Corporal                              Edward RJ            
20th Prize        29865        Sergeant                             Chandana RPM        
21st Prize        015150      Corporal                             Janaka WV            
22nd Prize        50901       Aircraftman                         Ranathunga DGNMJ        
23rd Prize        25322        Warrant Officer                   TP Wanasinghe        
24th Prize        45076        Corporal                              Herath HMLM        
25th Prize        33515        Corporal                              De Soysa EBV        



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