7:32pm on Friday 6th October 2023
The Commander of the Air Force, Air Marshal Udeni Rajapaksa, conducted the Annual Commander's Inspection at SLAF Base Ratmalana today (06 October 2023).

During the Parade, three airmen were honoured with commendations by the Commander of the Air Force in recognition of their exceptional contributions and commendable work. Their names are as follows:

Flight Sergeant Pradeep Kumara VPG (Air Frame Sp I)
Flight Sergeant Nuwan MG (Aero Electrical & Instrument Sp I)
Corporal Dasanayake BAPK (Air Radio Sp II)

During the full-day inspection, the Commander visited Base Headquarters, the Air Force Museum, No. 27 Regiment Wing, the Officer’s Mess, No. 2 Electronics & Telecommunications Wing, Aircraft Support Wing, No. 1 Information Technology Wing, the Warrant Officers’ & SNCO’s Mess, Base Hospital, Air Field Construction Wing, Welfare Project Unit, No. 08 Light Transport Squadron, No. 04 VVIP Helicopter Squadron, No. 61 Flight and Command Event Management Unit and all other areas of the Base, followed by an All Ranks Lunch at the Airmen/Airwomen's Mess.

Concluding the inspection, the Commander addressed all ranks and civilian employees of the Base. During his speech, the Commander emphasized the importance of the Flying squadrons and the vital roles they play during search and rescue & ration distribution operations to assist disaster management in the Nation.

Further, he elaborated paramount importance of performing assigned duties with excellence, adhering to established standards, and giving one's best effort. Secondly, he highlighted that integrity, encompassing honesty and loyalty to the organization, is deemed vital for maintaining trust within the Air Force. Moreover, he stressed the importance of maintaining a work-life balance and personal discipline for all service personnel, while the organization as a whole is expected to uphold a high level of discipline while preserving legal traditions. Finally, he conveyed his appreciation to all individuals for their commitments to the SLAF.



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