History of Air Scouting in Sri Lanka
Origin of Scouting

The World Scouts Movement is one of the largest Children organizations at present functioning in Countries almost all over the world. It was founded in 1907 by Lord Baden Powel who was a Commissioned Officer in the Royal British Army. He retired as a Major General after a distinguish career and during in his active service was famous for using good tactics and wining Battles and also was very popular among his men.

During Battles, he used to get assistance from young boys as Scouts to gather information on enemy's positions, strengths and other details. Therefore it is considered the origin of the Scouts movement is, in a way to show his gratitude towards the Boys who assist him during military and also to teach his past experiences to the boys in a view to give a meaningful and enjoyable life with lots of outdoor activities towards making them as good citizens.

By 1921 the Scouts Movement was spread all over world and  in recognition of the service rendered by him through the Scouts Movement, he was honored by bestowing a lordship  by the King George the V of Britain where he was called as the Lord of Gilwel.

Scout Activities

Scout activities include Games, Singing, Acting, Group Activities, Leadership Training, General Knowledge, Compass Reading, Making Gadgets for day to day use , Mental Development , Social Development, Map Reading, Camping, Social Service, Tree Climbing, River Crossing, Discipline etc. With all these, the aim is to produce good citizens.

Sea Scouting and Air Scouting

Sea Scouting and Air Scouting were also introduced with certain characteristics of the Navy and the Air Force respectively, with additional proficiency badges which are peculiar to Naval and Air Force activities.

Scouting in Sri Lanka

Scouting was introduced to Sri Lanka in  1912 by Mr.F.G Steephen and the first Scout group was commenced at Christ Church College, Matale.




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