Thursday - 21 June, 2018

Practice dining night of the No.54 JC&S Course

As a part of the Junior Command and Staff Course, the “Practice Dining Night” of the No. 54 JC&SC Course was conducted on 30 Jun 17 at Officers’ Mess SLAF Academy Cby with the participation of 25 student Officers including 2 Foreign Officers and Directing/ Permanent Staff including the Commanding Officer.
The function was conducted as per the guidelines on conduct of a Dinning Night with the presence of the Programme Band in order to convey correct understanding to the Student Officers on the procedure of formal dining. Inaddition to that a guest lecture was conducted by Wg Cdr Nalin Jayathilake (Retd) on mess customs and dining etiquettes for the student Officers as to refresh the knowledge prior conducting of the Practice Dining Night.