LTTE Air Craft Found in Pudukuduirippu
7:28pm on Wednesday 1st September 2010
Components of light Aircraft or a Glider were found in a partially destroyed container in the Kareimulliwaikkal area by SLAF intelligence personnel from SLAF Trikonamadu. Earlier during the same operation a cache of partially damaged arms and munitions were discovered from the Wellamullawaikkal area.
Pilot Officer PSDD Rupasinghe recovered the items on 29th August 2010, based on the information provided by two Ex- LTTE cadres.



The Ex-LTTE cadres had  first guided the team to recover the arms cache in general area Wellamullawaikkal and following were found.

a. CH T-56 Weapons -  08 weapons (partly perished)
b. CH T- 81 Weapons-  03 weapons (partly perished)
c. Micro Pistol-  01 pistol (partly perished)
d. 40mm RPG Bomb-  01 bombs
e. 7.62 mm Ammunition-  405 Ammunition
f. MPMG Ammunition-  242 Ammunition


After locating the above items, the Ex- LTTE cadres directed the team towards a location in Kareimulliwaikkal and recovered burnt out components which are considered those used on light Air Craft or Gliders. The items included a couple of engines burnt almost out of recognition and some other components such as lights, levers, wheels and pedals, etc. Attempts to specifically identify the components are will get underway soon.

Kareimulliwaikkal - Air Craft Parts

During the search of the container the following was also discovered.

a. Satellite Phone- 01 Ea
b. Satellite Phone Antenna Receiver Unit- 01 Ea
c. Satellite Phone Battery Charger Unit- 02 Ea
d. GPS- 01 Ea
e. VHF Set- 01 Ea
f. VHF Receiver and Mic- 01 Ea
g. VHF Antenna Code- 25 m
h. Magnetic Mobile Antenna- 01 Ea
i. Power Inverter Unit- 01 Ea
j. 5.56mm Ammunition- 1800 Ea
k. 9mm X 18 Ammunition- 750 Ea
l. 9mm Pistol Ammunition- 250 Ea
m. Crocodile Clips- 02 Ea
n. Medicine- capsules- 50 Ea (05 Cards)
o. LTTE Bill Books- 12 Ea

Kareimulliwaikkal - General Findings



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