11:54pm on Saturday 28th October 2023
The Commander of the Air Force, Air Marshal Udeni Rajapaksha, conducted the Annual Commander’s Inspection at Sri Lanka Air Force Combat Training School Diyatalawa yesterday 27th October 2023.

At the entrance to the School, the Commander of the Air Force was received with a horse cavalcade representing the historical links of ‘Stable Hill camp’. The Commander reviewed the Commander’s Inspection Parade, commanded by the Commanding Officer of SLAF Combat Training School Diyatalawa Air Commodore Vajira Senadheera.  Thereafter, the certificates of commendation were awarded to the following service personnel in recognition of their meritorious contributions to the School in particular and to the Air Force in general.  

30324 Flight Sergeant Samanpriya RM  (Air Photographer SP I)
020278 LAC Dissanayake DMU (Ops Grd III)

During the course of inspection, the Commander visited the School HQ, No.30th Regiment Wing, Training Wing HQ, and all other areas of the School.  

 During the Commander’s Inspection, the Combat Training School proudly unveiled its new ventures such as tea leaves and ghee oil production and handed over the inaugural production to the Commander of the Air Force. The tea leaves of picturesque tea garden surrounding the Air Cottage are blended by Glenanore tea factory Haputale exclusively for School producing premium quality tea leaves. The ghee oil is a byproduct of the School yoghurt project. Both productions are another notable achievement and they represent a significant milestone in the School history.  

 At the conclusion of the inspection, the Commander took a seat at the Airmen’s Mess with a cross section of Officers, Airmen, Airwomen and civilian staff for the customary All Ranks Lunch.

During his speech, the Commander expressed profound gratitude to all School personnel, acknowledge their unwavering and tireless efforts in maintaining the Combat Training School at exceptionally high standards and their significant contributions to social work.  The Commander also commended the dedication of officers and instructors in transforming civilians in to service personnel while highlighting the importance of core values of professionalism, integrity, and discipline. In conclusion the commander extended his appreciation to the Commanding Officer, officers, other ranks and civilian staff who played pivotal roles in elevating the School to its current level of excellence.



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