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List of Reference Books

  1. The History of the Sri Lanka Air Force
  2. The Sri Lanka Air Force
  3. Wings of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Air Force Fifty Years of Service to Nation 1951-2001
  4. The Aerial Tribute
  5. A Centenary Sky:100 Years Of Aviation in Sri Lanka
  6. Presentation of Presidents' Colours
  7. 60 th Anniversary Exhibition
  8. Aircraft of the Indian Air Force
  9. British and European Combat Aircrafts
  10. Aircraft Turbine Power plants Workbook
  11. World Electronic Warfare Aircraft
  12. Commercial Aircraft
  13. Mig Maintenance Requirements Cards: Preparation for Flights: Guide No. 9: Part 1 - Part 5: Aircraft and Engine
  14. Dart: Course Notes: Avro Engine Maintenance
  15. Mig Aircraft Storage Battery: 12-CAM-28
  16. Mig 23-mm Round with Armor-Piercing-Incendiary Shell for Aircraft Canon AM-23: Description
  17. Mig 37-mm Cartridge with Fragmentation-Incendiary-Tracer Projectile for Aircraft Gun H-37: Description and Instructions on Use
  18. Mig 37-mm Cartridge with Fragmentation-Incendiary-Tracer Projectile for Aircraft Gun H-37
  19. Mig Aircraft Technology of Restoration of Main Jointing Bolts and Bolts of Landing and Take-Off Devices Mig 17 Aircraft Repair Manual: Book 1- Book 3
  20. Mig 17 Aircraft: Description and Operating Instructions
  21. Mig 17 Aircraft: Expenditure Rates of Spare Parts for 100 Hours of Operation
  22. Mig 15 Aircraft Repair Manual: A Supplement to the Mig 15 Aircraft Repai Manual
  23. Electric Aircraft Instruments: Repairs Manual
  24. Repairs of Aircraft Hydraulic and Air Systems
  25. Antifriction Bearings Installed in Units Incorporated in Aircraft and
  26. Landing Gear Control System: Instructions on Checking Bearing during Aircraft Repair
  27. Repairs of Aircraft Hydraulic and Air System
  28. Aircraft Aneroid and Diaphragm Actuated Instruments: Repair Manual
  29. Mig 15 and 17 Aircraft: Wing Skin Repair Procedure
  30. Mig 15 and 17 Aircraft of All Modification: Maintenance Instructions
  31. Mig 15 and 17 Aircraft Repairing Wing Coupling Bolts with Grinding Crack on Their Faced
  32. Mig 15, 17 and 28 Aircraft: Reconditioning of Corroded Cylinders of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
  33. Mig 15 Aircraft: Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions
  34. Aircraft Interphone System: Repair Manual
  35. Training Aircraft: Album of Major Units and Repair Tolerances
  36. Mig 15 and 17 Aircraft Flap Control Bell Cranks: Inspection and Repair
  37. Aircraft Oxygen Regulators: Repair Manual
  38. Aircraft Gun Sight: Description and Operating Instructions
  39. 37-mm Automatic Aircraft Cannon: Description and Operating Instructions
  40. Fragmentation Demolition Aircraft Bomb: Brief Technical Description and Operating Instructions
  41. Aircraft Automatic Radio Compass: Brief Description and Instructions Operating and Adjustment12.7mm Aircraft Machine Gun: Description and Operating Instructions
  42. Pilot's Instruction on Operation and Flying Technique of Mig 17 Aircraft and Its Modification
  43. Aircraft Turbojet Engine: Description and Design
  44. Aircraft Clocks and Stopwatch: Description, Operating and Maintenance Instruction3
  45. Aircraft Storage Batteries: Description, Operating and Maintenance Instruction
  46. HS 748 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers: Airframe Cause Notes
  47. Aircraft Engine: Textron Lycoming
  48. Avco Lycoming Aircraft Engine Parts Catalogue
  49. Maintenance Manual 1 SIAI Marchetti Aircraft Parts Catalogue SIAI Marchetti Aircraft
  50. SIAI Marchetti / SF 260MB and SF 260WB Aircraft: Flight Manual
  51. Overhaul Manual for 10-360 A, 10-360 C Aircraft Engine
  52. Jet Provost T. MK. 3 Aircraft: Minor Servicing Supplementary Servicing
  53. Scale of Unit Equipment for Jet Provost Aircraft
  54. Safety and Servicing Notes: Jet Provost Aircraft: AP 4560 C & D
  55. Y8 Aircraft Maintenance Manual
  56. Y8 Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalogue
  57. Y8 Aircraft Flight Manual
  58. Pioneer C.C MK. 1 Aircraft Schedule of Spare Parts
  59. Pioneer C.C MK. 1 Aircraft Ground Handling Notes: AP 4540A
  60. Pioneer C.C MK. 1 Aircraft Removal and Installation and Change of Role Servicing Schedule
  61. Dragonfly H.R. MK. 3, H.C. MK. 4 & H.R. MK. 5 Helicopter: Schedule of Parts for Dunlop Equipment Fitted Dragonfly Aircraft
  62. Balliol T MK. 2 Aircraft: Schedule of Spare Parts
  63. FT 5 A/C Maintenance Instructions: Aircraft & Engine
  64. Dart: Avro Engine Maintenance: Chapter 75
  65. FT 5 Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalogue: Wing Fairing and Canopy
  66. FT 5 Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalogue: Airframe and Landing Gear
  67. Maintenance and Repair Manual: Light Alloy Oil Cooler for Dove Aircraft
  68. The De Havilland Dove Aircraft: Series 5 & 6 Crew's Notes
  69. Maintenance Schedule for Hawker Siddeley D.H. Dove Aircraft with Bristol Siddeley gipsy Queen Engine and Hawker Siddeley D.H. Constant Speed Metal Propellers
  70. Devon Aircraft: Travelling Servicing Notes: AP 4260A
  71. Devon Aircraft: Major Servicing Radar Trade
  72. Devon Aircraft C. MK. 1: Schedule of Spare Parts
  73. Devon Aircraft C. MK. 1: Illustrated Parts Catalogue
  74. Devon Aircraft C. MK. 2: Schedule of Equipments
  75. Chipmunk Aircraft Modification
  76. Chipmunk Aircraft Parts Catalogue
  77. Chipmunk Aircraft Spare Parts Price List
  78. Chipmunk Aircraft Pilot's Flight Manual
  79. Chipmunk T MK. 10: Aircraft Servicing Manual: AP 101B-5510-01
  80. Maintenance and Repair Manual: Light Alloy Oil Coolers for Herron Aircraft
  81. DH 121 1E Aircraft Index of Spare Parts: Heron All Series
  82. Service and Maintenance Instructions for Havilland Dove and Heron Aircraft
  83. Overhaul and Repair Manual for Heron Aircraft
  84. Schedule of Spare Parts for Teleflex Equipment fitted to Heron Aircraft: Volume 3: AP 4515G
  85. Heron C. MK. 2, 3 & 4 Aircraft: Master Servicing Schedule: Volume 5: Parts 1: AP 4569B, C & D
  86. Heron C. MK. 2, 3 & 4 Aircraft: 240 Hours (Minor) Servicing Work Card: Volume 5: Parts 3: AP 4569B, C & D
  87. Heron C. MK. 2, 3 & 4 Aircraft: 960 Hours (Major) Servicing Work Card: Volume 5: Parts 4: AP 4569B, C & D
  88. Heron C. MK. 2, 3 & 4 Aircraft: Flight Servicing and 30 Hours (Primary) Servicing Work Card: Volume 5: Parts 2: AP 4569B, C & D
  89. Heron C. MK. 2, 3 & 4 Aircraft: Bay Servicing Schedule: Volume 5: Parts 6: AP 4569B, C & D
  90. Jane's: All the World Aircraft
  91. Survey of Accidents to Aircraft of Canadian Registry
  92. Dakota Aircraft Maintenance Manual
  93. HS 748 Aircraft Recommended Procedure as for Fuel Convections
  94. Aircraft of the Aces 1 -60
  95. Aircraft of the aces Model
  96. Aircraft of the aces Model
  97. 1001 Images of aircraft
  98. The military Propeller Aircraft Guide (From 1914 to the Present day)
  99. The Illustrated Guide to Naval Aircraft
  100. World Wars one and two fighting aircraft.
  101. American aircraft of World War 2
  102. Axis aircraft of World War 2
  103. Royal Air Force Manual Flying Aircraft Operation Vol 05
  104. Technical Manual Organizational Maintenance General Aircraft
  105. AP 129 RAF Manual Flying Vol. 2 Aircraft Operation
  106. AP 3278 Standard Trade Training Notes Aircraft Technician Airframe
  107. Airports and Aircraft Fire Protection Fire Fighting and Rescue Techniques
  108. Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
  109. Airports & Aircraft Fire Protection
  110. Y 12 Aircraft Non destructive Inspection Manual Y 12 II SJW 15
  111. T.O.I.T-K8-2-2 Organizational Maintenance General Aircraft
  112. Manual of Aircraft Accident Investigation
  113. Hymatic : Service and Maintenance Instructions Hymatic Equipment Fitted to De Havilland Dove and Heron Aircraft

List of Magazines


Paper Articles

Paper Articles discusses current or recent news of either general interest or specific topics related to Sri Lanka Air Force. The Command Research Library is provided to access all important articles since 1951.

Paper articles extracted from following news papers;Daily Mirror, Daily News, Dinamina, Divayina, Lakbima, Lankadeepa, Maubima, Rivira, Silumina, Sudar Oli, The Sunday Leader, Observer, Thinakaran, Thinakkural, Uthayan, Virakesari, Sunday Times, Thinakaran, Island, Sudar oli, Ada, Daily News, Vijaya, The Nation, The Sunday Leader, Lakbima News, The Times of Ceylon, Weekend, Dawasa, Riviresa, Aththa, Sun, Janadina, Ravaya, Ukthiya, Irida, Siyarata, Midweek Mirror Kinihira, Sunday Leader, Irudina, Lak Janatha, Sirilaka.





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