9:18am on Sunday 26th March 2023
The Annual Inter-Unit Road Race - 2023 flagged off yesterday (25 March 2023), with over 200 participants from the Air Force Academy, all Bases and Stations taking part in this event, which concluded at the Rifle Green Grounds in Colombo.

Chief of Staff, Air Vice Marshal Udeni Rajapakse, officiated as the Chief Guest while the Air Force Board of Management, Officers and Other Ranks attended the occasion.

The Overall Men's Championship was shared by SLAF Station Colombo and SLAF Trade Training School Ekala, while the Overall Women's Championship was won by SLAF Station Bandaranaike International Airport. Aircraftman Rupassara RSSK from SLAF Trade Training School Ekala was titled as the Best Men’s Athlete, and Leading Aircraftwoman Rupachandra WMP from SLAF Base Vavuniya was crowned the Best Women’s Athlete in the competition.

Summary of results

Men’s Category

Under 24 (7Km)

1st Place –  Aircraftman  Rupassara RSSK (SLAF Trade Training School Ekala)
2nd Place – Aircraftman  Danushka PK (SLAF Trade Training School Ekala)
3rd Place – Aircraftman  Dilshan KP (SLAF Trade Training School Ekala)

Age Group 25 – 29 (7km)
1st Place –  Leading Aircraftman  Madumal UPS (SLAF Station Colombo)
2nd Place – Leading Aircraftman Wijesinghe EGGL (SLAF Base Vavuniya)
3rd Place – Corporal  Chamikara MAI (SLAF Station Colombo)

Age Group 30 – 34 (7km)

1st Place –  Leading Aircraftman  Wejesiri KAT (SLAF Combat Training School Diyatalawa)
2nd Place – Corporal  Suwarnapala EMHA (SLAF Trade Training School Ekala)
3rd Place –  Leading Aircraftman  Perera KDM (SLAF Base Hingurakgoda)

Age Group 35 – 39 (2km)
1st Place – Flight Sergeant Soyza VPL (SLAF Base Katunayake)
2nd Place – Corporal  Wanigasooriya (SLAF Station Morawawa)
3rd Place – Sergeant Kumara (SLAF Station Colombo)

Age Group 40 – 44 (2km)
1st Place –  Flight Sergeant Rajapaksha MKRGKA (SLAF Station Palaly)
2nd Place – Warrant Officer TH Thilakasiri (SLAF Academy China Bay)
3rd Place –  Leading Aircraftman  Ramar M (SLAF Station Colombo)

Over 45 (2km)
1st Place – Master Warrant Officer RMRPRC Lasantha (SLAF Station Colombo)
2nd Place – Sergeant De Soyza EGS (SLAF Station Colombo)
3rd Place –  Leading Aircraftman  Pushpakumara EJS (SLAF Base Anuradhapura)

Women’s Category

Under 24 (2km)
1st Place – Leading Aircraftwoman  Rupachandra WMPM (SLAF Base Vavuniya)
2nd Place – Aircraftwoman  Yoshana BLJ (SLAF Trade Training School Ekala)
3rd Place – Leading Aircraftwoman  Jayalanka WS (SLAF Combat Training School Diyatalawa)

Age Group 25 – 29 (2km)
1st Place – Leading Aircraftwoman  Kumarasinghe KUM (SLAF Combat Training School Diyatalawa)
2nd Place – Leading Aircraftwoman  Wijesinghe KWHN (SLAF Station Colombo)
3rd Place – Corporal  Sathsarani WML (SLAF Base Ratmalana)

Age Group 30 – 34 (2km)
1st Place – Corporal Jayawardana KCS (SLAF Station Bandaranaike International Airport)
2nd Place – Squadron Leader GK Anuruddika (SLAF Base Katunayake)
3rd Place – Leading Aircraftwoman Rajapaksha SSK (SLAF Base Hingurakgoda)

Age Group 35 – 39 (2km)
1st Place – Leading Aircraftwoman  Prasadi MPL (SLAF Base Katunayake)
2nd Place – Leading Aircraftwoman  Silva YMI (SLAF Station Bandaranaike International Airport)
3rd Place – Corporal  Umayangani KV (SLAF Station Bandaranaike International Airport)

Over 40 (2km)

1st Place – Leading Aircraftwoman  Dalshani CMW (SLAF Academy China Bay)
2nd Place – Warrant Officer WT Swarnamali (SLAF Station Colombo)
3rd Place – Wing Commander GKBP Wijewardana (SLAF Station Colombo)



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