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Defence Staff Management


To provide an understanding of the basic duties and functions of a Staff Officer. It includes important subjects such as leadership, intelligence and social responsibilities.

Intended Learning Outcomes: Learners should be able to:
  1. Describe the policies and principles in Flight Safety.
  2. Apply the staff responsibilities and standards of SLAF.
  3. Evaluate the important of the military intelligence and leadership.
Module Content:

Introduction to Flight Safety, Command and Staff, Intelligence, Military Leadership, Customs Etiquettes and, Social Responsibility (CESR), Ethos, Core Values and Standards of SLAF.

Teaching /Learning Methods:

Lectures, interactive syndicate room discussions, case discussions.

Assessment Strategy:

End of the module examination, assignments and exercises.

References/Reading Materials:

  1. Flight Safety Manual. Leadership –Enhancing the lesion of experience, Taylor Rosenbach,
  2. My American Journey by Colin Powell.
  3. The Good Soldiers by David Finkel. Leadership in the twenty-first century.
  4. Training notes on Customs of the Service, Air Force Order.
  5. Dining –in-out Parade, Retd Sqn Ldr Brian Symons (RAF) "CESR"