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National Security Management


To provide an understanding of Geo Politics, Disaster Management, the Military Operations Other Than War(MOOTW), Nation and Air Strategy and role of the Armed Forces and Police.

Intended Learning Outcomes: Learners should be able to:
  1. Understand the Geo Politics in the world.
  2. Identify the principles and framework of disaster management and apply them in practical situations.
  3. Recognize different roles of Armed Forces.
Module Content:

Geo Politics, Principles of Disaster Management, Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW), Role and Task of SL Army, Role and Task of SL Navy, Role and Task of SL Police.

Teaching /Learning Methods:

Lectures, interactive syndicate room discussions, case discussions.

Assessment Strategy:

End of the module examination, assignments and exercises.

References/Reading Materials:

  1. National Disaster Management Plan, Allan Binner “Doing and Saying the Right Thing” Professional Risk and Crisis Management.
  2. Harvard Business Review “Crisis Management”.