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Management Concepts and Practices


To provide an understanding on the cooperate sector management concepts and practices.

Intended Learning Outcomes: Learners should be able to:

Principles of Management
  • Demonstrate understanding of different historical perspectives in management and organization studies
  • Demonstrate understanding of the characteristics of contemporary organizations and the different approaches to organizational structure and design

  • Describe microeconomic problems such as why markets allocate resources where they are most wanted
  • Illustrate how demand and supply behave, and firms arrive at production decisions
  • Explain the macroeconomic issues faced by modern governments

Marketing Management
  • Explain the increasingly significant role of marketing in modern organizational management
  • Identify the variables at work of various marketing situations

Operations Management
  • Define the role of operations in an organization
  • Demonstrate basic competencies in planning and controlling of manufacturing and service operations

Project Management
  • Explain how to initiate, specify, and prioritize projects and to determine various aspects of feasibility of these projects,
  • Explain the foundations of project management, including its definition, scope, and the need for project management in the modern organization,Explain the phases of the project management lifecycle
Module Content:

Principles of Management, Economics, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Project Management

Teaching /Learning Methods:

Lectures, in-class discussions, real world case studies and self-study.

Assessment Strategy:

End-of-course exam, mid-semester exam, in-class quizzes, mini group project.

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