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Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation criteria for each subject Module will be as follows.

                 Evaluation Criteria
Evaluation Method                       Marks Allocated%
Continuous Assessment                      30
Examinations                                           70

Credit Score.        All course modules are assigned a credit value based on the number of contact hours and practical work required to complete in each module. A credit is a time based quantitative measurement used in calculating the Grade Point Average (GPA). Allocation of credits is as follows:

a.    For modules with lectures on 15 Contact Hours = 1 Credit

b.    For modules with a practical component 30 Contact Hours = 1 Credit

Testing of a Course Module.   Examinations or exercises will be conducted to evaluate the student for major modules for the purpose of grading. The performance of the course participants will be evaluated through assignments, presentations, exercises and phase examinations. The Research Paper and the Minor Research Project will be evaluated both on the written submission as well as through presentation/viva voce.

Student Officers will be evaluated through continuous participatory exercises, assignments, group exercises, Directing Staff Assessments and written examinations depending on the course module. At the commencement of each course module, the method of overall testing of such module will be announced by conducting Directing Staff. A module may contain multiple testing methods which finally scaled according to the number of marks allocated to the module depending on its importance.