Helitours Soaring High - completes 200 domestic flights
5:36pm on Thursday 25th March 2010
Helitours the largest & premier domestic air service in Sri Lanka, operated by the SLAF, completed its 200th flight on the 24th March 2010 since resumption of operations last year.

Helitours resumed its operations on the 21st of July last year after the successful conclusion of the "humanitarian operations". Since then, Helitours has transported 2669 passengers, clocking nearly 520 flying hours in the process.

Immediately after the cessation of hostilities with the A9 road yet to be opened, those who needed to visit the North had to wait on a long waiting lists to book seats on one of the few private airliners in operation or were forced to take the sea route.

The SLAF through Helitours opened a new gateway for people who wanted to fly to and fro from the peninsula with ease without long delays or relying on unscrupulous tour operators.

AircraftHrsNo. of FlightsTotal Passengers
AN - 3224.4015675
Y - 12179.40751125
B - 41263.4019152
B - 212107.1034272
B - 20698.5538152
MI - 1745.1519293

Through Helitours the SLAF offers scheduled flights to Palaly and China Bay. The Flying time from Colombo to Palaly is around 1 hour on either an Y12 or an An32 aircraft whilst the Chinabay flight also takes a similar amount of time.

Other than scheduled flights, Helitours offers a range of other services utilizing its fleet of helicopters. "Heli-lifts" to any part of the country or to any off-shore platforms are performed. Shore to ship operations are also carried out. Special arrangements can be made to transport patients.

The services of Helitours have been used by several notable personalities including Her Excellency Nirapama Rao (Indian Foreign Minister), High Commissioners and Ambassadors and dignitaries from the United Nations (UN).

Helitours Soaring High - completes 200 domestic flightsHelitours Soaring High - completes 200 domestic flightsHelitours Soaring High - completes 200 domestic flights

Clientele of Helitours also include the World Bank, USAID, ICRC, NDB, Merchant Bank, HSBC, Central Bank and Bank of Ceylon. They were also chosen to act as a platform by the Discovery Channel.

The Helitours fleet comprises of Y-12 and AN-32B fixed wing passenger aircrafts as well as Bell-206, Bell-212, Bell-412 and Mi-17 Helicopters.

All Helitours passengers are provided insurance for the complete duration of the flight. The tours are flown by experienced pilots of the Sri Lanka Air Force backed by one of the best aircraft maintenance wings in the world.

Helitours Soaring High - completes 200 domestic flightsHelitours Soaring High - completes 200 domestic flightsHelitours Soaring High - completes 200 domestic flightsHelitours Soaring High - completes 200 domestic flights

All proceeds of this venture are directed towards the development efforts of the country through the Treasury of Sri Lanka.

Tickets are available at the Sri Lanka Air Force Head Quarters, Bandaranayake International Airport Arrival Lounge, Sri Lanka Air Force Base Chinabay, Sri Lanka Air Force Base Rathmalana, Sri Lanka Air Force, Palaly.

Helitours also undertakes customized tours which can be tailor made according to your requirements. To contact Helitours, contact any one of the telephone numbers below or send your inquires to [email protected]

The local agent for a shipping company known as GAC Shipping (PVT) Ltd. contacted SLAF Helitours to inquire on the feasibility of assisting in transporting the surveyors to MV Armada Perbana. Helitours and the SLAF pilots promptly responded to this request made taking it as a challenge to prove their competence and professionalism.

Helitours Hotline Numbers:    011 3 144 244 (General Information)
                                                      011 3 144 944 (Ticketing Information)
                                                      011 3 110 472

Email:                                           [email protected]

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