SLAF Women's Team Wins Fourth Consecutive National Wrestling Championship
6:07pm on Tuesday 24th December 2019
The Women’s Team of Sri Lanka Air Force won the National Wrestling Championship for the fourth consecutive year. The SLAF Men’s Team became 2nd Runners Up as well. The National Wrestling Championship 2019 was held at the Torrington New Gymnasium in Colombo from 21 December to 23 December 2019.

The Women's Team won 6 Gold, 5 Silver and 3 Bronze medals. The Men’s Team won 4 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze medals at the Championship.

Women’s Gold Medalists
Leading Aircraftwoman Karunasena HAN- 50Kg
Leading Aircraftwoman Rathnayaka RMKM -55 kg
Leading Aircraftwoman Perera CNN - 65 kg
Leading Aircraftwoman Rupasinghe RAMN - 68 kg
Leading Aircraftwoman Senavirathna GGA - 72 kg
Leading Aircraftwoman Weerasinhe WECKR - 76 kg

Women’s Silver Medalists
Leading Aircraftwoman Kumari MWDMP -57 kg
Leading Aircraftwoman Priyanga Kumari MWBM- 62 kg
Leading Aircraftwoman Maduwanthi RAK -65 kg
Leading Aircraftwoman Chethana RMS -68kg
Leading Aircraftwoman Lakmali WGW -72 kg

Women’s Bronze Medallists
Leading Aircraftwoman Senavirathne GGGS -53kg
Leading Aircraftwoman Wikckramapala KKDP- 59 kg
Leading Aircraftwoman Nawoda NLL -76 kg

Men’s Gold Medallists
Corporal Feranando RUM -61 kg
Leading Aircraftman Wijesooriya WMML- 74 kg
Leading Aircraftman Walpita WSM  - 92 kg
Leading Aircraftman kalyana KBR -125 kg

Men’s Silver Medallists
Leading Aircraftman Adikari AMPS -97 kg

Men’s Bronze Medallists
Leading Aircraftman Thileepan MR -79 kg
Leading Aircraftman Weragoda WN -97 kg
Leading Aircraftman Silva GLPD -70 kg

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