2:36pm on Friday 6th May 2022
The Inter Unit Boxing Championship 2022 was held at SLAF Base Katunayake from 04th to 06th of May 2022. This year over 100 participants competed in both male and female categories and several young talented players were discovered during the championship.

The final session and Awards Ceremony were held today (06th April 2022) at the Gymnasium SLAF Base Katunayake. The event was conducted under 13 weight categories for Men and 12 weight categories for Women by the Boxing Referees and Judges Association of Sri Lanka under the New IBA rules and regulations. The overall Men’s Team Championship was secured by SLAF Station Diyatalawa and the Women’s Team Championship was clinched by SLAF Academy Chinabay, whilst SLAF Base Ratmalana and SLAF Station Bandaranaike International Airport emerged as Runners Up in Men’s and Women’s categories respectively.

The Director Health Services, Air Vice Marshal (Dr) Lalith  Jayaweera graced the Awards Ceremony as the Chief Guest. Members of the Air Force Sports Council and other invitees participated to witness the final session.


Best Boxer (Male)
Leading Aircraftman Wijethunga WMMJB (SLAF Base Ratmalana)
Best Boxer (Female)
 Aircraftwoman Gunawardana DPWRA  (SLAF  Academy Chinabay)
Best Loser (Male)
Aircraftman Jayaneththi WRES (SLAF CTS Diyathalawa)
Best Loser (Female)
Leading Aircraftwoman Dananjani JMN (SLAF Base Hingurakgoda)

Winners in Men’s Weight Categories
- Aircraftman Wijethunga WMMJB under 48 Kg (SLAF Base Ratmalana)
- Corporal Harischandra EPME under 51 Kg (SLAF Base Vavuniya)
- Aircraftman Ravirathna RDDV under 54 Kg (SLAF TTS Ekala)
- Leading Aircraftman Munasinghe MSN under 57 Kg (SLAF Station Ampara)
- Corporal Ishanka MS under 60 Kg (SLAF CTS Diyathalawa)
- Leading Aircraftman Lasntha DMT under 63.5 Kg (SLAF Academy Chinabay)
- Leading Aircraftman Manojkumara YBA under 67 Kg (SLAF CTS Diyatalawa)
- Leading Aircraftman Wijekoon WMJS under 71 Kg (SLAF Base Ratmalana)
- Leading Aircraftman Madushanka JP under 75 Kg (SLAF Station Bandaranaike International Airport)
- Leading Aircraftman Ranthilaka RMA under 80 Kg (SLAF Station Ampara)
- Leading Aircraftman Kumara HAWK under 86 Kg (SLAF Station Palaly)
- Leading Aircraftman Ranthilaka BGD under 92 Kg (SLAF Base Hingurakgoda)
- Leading Aircraftman Rabukwella WMIA under 92+ Kg (SLAF Station Palaly)

Winners in Women’s Weight Categories
- Leading Aircraftwoman Rupachandra DS under 48 Kg (SLAF CTS Diyatalawa)
- Leading Aircraftwoman Kumarasinghe KMU under 50 Kg (SLAF Academy Chinabay)
- Aircraftwoman Gunawardana DPWRC under 52 Kg (SLAF Academy Chinabay)
- Aircraftwoman Ekanayaka EMKH under 54 Kg (SLAF CTS Diyatalawa )
- Leading Aircraftwoman Poojani AKDD under 57 Kg (SLAF Station Bandaranaike International Airport)
- Leading Aircraftwoman Perera DTS under 60 Kg (SLAF Academy Chinabay)
- Leading Aircraftwoman Sarojani SJ under 63 Kg (SLAF Station Bandaranaike International Airport)
- Leading Aircraftwoman Sewwandi LBD under 66 Kg (SLAF TTS Ekala)
- Leading Aircraftwoman Wjesinghe WRAERM under 70 Kg (SLAF CTS Diyatalawa)
- Leading Aircraftwoman Costha DIN under 75 Kg (SLAF Base Anuradapura)



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