3:01pm on Saturday 29th April 2023
The Inter Unit Powerlifting Championship 2023 was held at SLAF Trade Training School Ekala on 27th and 28th of April 2023. This year over 110 participants competed in both male and female categories and several SLAF records were met during the championship.

The event was conducted under 8 weight categories for both Men and Women. The overall Men’s and Women’s  Championships were secured by SLAF Station Colombo, whilst SLAF Combat Training School Diyathlawa  and SLAF Base Rathmalana  emerged as Runners Up in Men’s and Women’s categories respectively.

The final session and Awards Ceremony was held  (28 April 2023) at the Main Auditorium SLAF Trade Training School Ekala.The Director General Health Services, Air Vice Marshal LR Jayaweera graced the Awards Ceremony as the Chief Guest. Members of the Air Force Sports Council and other invitees participated to witness the final session.


Best Lifter (Male)
Corporal Prasad Kumara AGA (SLAF Base Rathmalana)

Best Lifter (Female)
Leading Aircraftwoman WMPM Rupachandra  (SLAF Base Vavuniya)

Winners in Men’s Weight Categories
Corporal Disanayaka DMSL under 59 Kg (SLAF SLAF Station Colombo)
Corporal Prasad Kumara AGA under 66 Kg (SLAF Inter Unit Powerlifting New Record  Squat
151Kg / Dead Lift 192Kg / Total  Record-439Kg, SLAF Base Rathmalana)
Sergeant Jayawickrama SSK (SLAF Inter Unit Powerlifting New Record Bench press -117Kg, SLAF Station Colombo)        
Corporal Dassanayaka DMDM under 83 Kg (SLAF Inter Unit Powerlifting New Record Dead Lift -211kg, SLAF Base Katunayake)
Sergeant Kumara HWRS  under 93 Kg ( SLAF Base Rathmalana)
Leading Aircraftman Buddika MAH  under 105 Kg (SLAF Station Colombo)
Sergeant Lakmal UKLII  under 120 Kg (SLAF Station Colombo)

Winners in Women’s Weight Categories
Leading Aircraftwoman Rupachandra WMPM under 47 Kg (SLAF Inter Unit Powerlifting New Record Squat 50kg / Bench Press 35kg/Dead Lift 90Kg/ Total Record 175Kg, SLAF Base Vavuniya)
Leading Aircraftwoman  Perera LKD under 52 Kg  (SLAF Station Colombo)
Leading Aircraftwoman Perera KNKH under 57 Kg (SLAF Inter Unit
Powerlifting New Record Squat 75kg/Dead Lift 99Kg /Total Record 206kg, SLAF Staton Colombo)
Leading Aircraftwoman Jayakodi JBN  63 Kg (SLAF Base Anuradhapura)
Leading Aircraftwoman Madushani KWAD under 69 Kg  (SLAF Inter Unit Powerlifting New Record Squat 75kg, SLAF Academy Chinabay)
Leading Aircraftwoman Probodani Kumari URD under 76 Kg (SLAF Inter Unit Powerlifting  New Record Squat 70/Dead Lift 110kg, SLAF Base Katunayaka)
Corporal Udeni SAS under 84 Kg (SLAF Station Colombo)
Sergeant Deshapriya KMP  over+84Kg (SLAF Station Colombo).



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